Belize has been compared to having one foot planted in the Central American jungle and the other dipped in the Caribbean Sea, non the less it combines the

best of both worlds.

The Belize Barrier Reef is the second longest in the world. But have you heard that this reef is home to more than 100 different kinds of coral and some 500 species of fish? This alluring underwater world is undoubtedly the top attraction in Belize. Snorkelers swim through translucent seas, gazing at a kaleidoscope of coral, fish and turtles; divers go deeper, investigating underwater caves and walls and the world-renowned Blue Hole.
If that's not enough adventure for you, Belize is also home to one of the world's most mysterious civilizations – the ancient Maya. The country is sprinkled with archaeological sites that date to the Maya heyday, known as the Classic Period (AD 250–1000). Enormous steps lead to the tops of tall stone temples, often yielding 360-degree jungle views. 

Cozumel is too resilient, too proud to let itself become just another cruise-ship destination. Leaving the tourist area – and the gringo-friendly souvenir shops behind, you'll see an island of quiet cool and genuine authenticity. Houses still have shrines to the Virgin, there’s a spirited Caribbean energy, and of course there are plenty of holiday things to do, such as diving to some of the best reefs in the world.

While diving and snorkeling are the main draws, the town square is a pleasant place to spend the afternoon, and it's highly gratifying to explore the less-visited parts of the island on a rented scooter or convertible bug. The coastal road leads to small Maya ruins, a marine park and captivating scenery along the unforgettable windswept shore.

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