Once you've received your Cruise Redemption Form, please complete with your contact info and desired destination.  If you’re not certain where you’d like to go, you can pick several options or leave blank.  If you don't have a specific date in mind, try putting a date range.

Please feel free to send us your Cruise Redemption Form through any of the following options:

Fax: (386) 255-0900

Email: cruise@ettsi.com 

Mail: Cruise Redemption, P. O. Box 10627, Daytona Beach, FL 32120-0627

Sit back and relax, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your voucher was received. A Travel Coordinator will be assigned to you and contact you via telephone to discuss your travel options.

If mailing, please make a copy of your Cruise Redemption Voucher for your records.

Do you need a passport?  Read here: Passport Info